About Me

Welcome to The Centsible Family! I am Mackenzie and the mother of two beautiful little girls and the wife to a wonderful man who is a Navy Reservist. I have always been practical and “centsible” when it comes to my purchases and always try to shop with that in mind. In fact my husband has more shoes than I do!

I have always used coupons but it wasn’t until 2007 that I started to understand how to really save by pairing coupons with sale items or clearance to maximize my savings. Once I understood “the game” a small stockpile began to grow in my household and since I am not one for clutter (just ask my husband!) I started to give out bags and bags of items to my friends and family. In addition I started to give away trunks-full of items to the Food Bank and Toys For Tots as a way to help the community.

In 2008 I started sending emails with what I called my “weekly deals” from the local grocery stores to friends and family and as the deals grew so did the emails. I decided to start writing a blog so others could learn everything I was learning and join in the savings. In 2011 I was part of a layoff and I really needed to use my skills to help save the family money so I began to post more regularly and the blog has blossomed. I have since become a stay at home to our two little girls and still continue to teach them how to save, as I believe saving money is a family affair.

If there was one thing to say about me it’s that I am down to earth and honest with what is a good deal. I don’t believe in promoting something I don’t believe in or would not use myself and I truly believe that sharing my knowledge of deals and helping others, whether online or donating locally, is what my message is all about.

You will soon find out I LOVE coffee, photography, learning new recipes to share and since I’m a computer/math geek I love working with websites and graphic design.

I also love to write and have since I was little. My goal is to one day write a fiction novel but in the meantime I enjoy writing articles for this blog and guest posts on other blogs such as Once A Month Mom.

So thank you for stopping by and enjoy the savings and articles!



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