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Article: The Rise of the iPad | The Centsible Family

Article: The Rise of the iPad

by Mackenzie on October 29, 2014

10-29-2014 8-32-40 AMWhile the laptop may have redefined the way modern business conducted itself, the iPad is outright seizing the marketplace. Apple’s leading product has risen to prominence as one of the sleekest and most efficient tools at hand, reshaping the lives of the average shopper, retail owners, and even labor crews. The real question is this; how did Apple’s miracle product hit the world with such force, and what is it doing to stay on top? The answer to these questions is more important than you might think, since the iPad might end up optimizing the way that you live your own life. Regardless of whether you’re a consumer or somebody managing a Fortune 500 company, the benefits of Apple’s newest tablet are numerous and hold wide-reaching effects. Here are some of the reasons why the iPad has become such a workhorse around the world, and why you might find a use for the mobile masterpiece.

New Ways to Connect

It may seem like a nightmare to get your coworkers to communicate properly. People are notoriously sluggish when it comes to organizing time zone differences, scheduling flights for face-to-face meetings, and making the most of their time in business gatherings. The solution to this proverbial feet-dragging has been found with virtual communication, which removes the hassle of distance and human laziness, and provides a direct circuit of access between your colleagues or partner offices. The iPad was designed to facilitate simplified contact between you and your esteemed associates, and some of its most basic features include the ability to video conference and connect to a central cloud server. The cloud server is a blessing to you, either in business or private use, because it enables the iPad to stay constantly updated and capable of sharing files or other information with authorized contacts. As Entrepreneur notes, you’ll never miss another crucial security overhaul again, because the system automatically keeps you up to date. Your iPad takes the heavy lifting out of staying in touch, and gives you ease and swift connections in its place.

Field Trips

One of the most unexpected places to find the iPad is out in the dirt and grime of the construction world. You might find that odd enough, but the strangest part of the entire affair is that it isn’t unexpected at all. The iPad has become another common instrument across a variety of fields and business sectors, including industrial work. The Daily Reporter noted that the iPad has adapted itself to the world of construction with relative ease, relying on apps that manage materials, charts, and layouts with a few clicks and swipes. The iPad has also found its way into schools as an educational device, and into the hands of seismic researchers who use custom apps to measure earthquakes and other subterranean activity. The versatile nature of the iPad isn’t only a treat; it’s a crucial part of why the iPad has claimed its spot as the top tablet on the market, and seems to be intent on staying there. By offering you a wide array of areas to use the tablet, and also filling the role of niche users with its hoards of apps, Apple has created a product that transcends specific industries and sectors. They’ve truly crafted the everyman’s tablet.

Business Prowess

If you happen to be involved in business, the iPad is probably far from a surprise to you. Not long after its release, companies began to see the office space and retail potential of Apple’s device, and started to roll out extensive apps and hardware additions to fit the tablet into their operations. Many retailers have already adapted their transactions processes to accommodate the iPad, relying on third-party hardware and optional accessories to overhaul their payment systems. Some companies, such as Shopify, have created entire lines of iPad retail accessories, from cash drawers to iPad stands, all with the aim of simplifying the iPad’s role in Point-of-Sale (POS) business. Magplus recently pointed out that retailers are already forging their own apps and making proprietary systems, including Famous Footwear’s seasonal magazine updates for subscribed customers. The iPad represents a new trend in custom business appeal and brand name solidification, and whether you actively design these apps or use them as a consumer, they’ll soon be a significant part of your life. In short, the iPad has become a powerhouse for marketing and selling without doing any of the actual work. With a dedicated app programming base, there’s no need to overexert yourself.

Clearly, the uses of the iPad are far from generic. While the tablet may pop up in some office circles, or in the hands of commuters on the evening subway trains, the iPad has a much more widespread and varied customer base. The applications of Apple’s tablet go beyond business and entertainment, and fill almost every niche imaginable. Even in your own life, there are probably a few areas where the iPad could speed things up, if not remold them for the better. With such an omnipresent application, it’s no wonder that the iPad has claimed the throne of tablet supremacy.

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Mackenzie is the mother of three beautiful little girls and the wife to a wonderful man who is a Navy Reservist and lives in New Hampshire. She enjoys bargain hunting, photography, and working outside! Above all, she enjoys family life and soaking up every moment. She shares her tips on parenting, saving money, green-living and more on her blog The Centsible Family.

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