Easter Bunny Silhouette {Frugal Crafts}

by Jess on March 28, 2013

Easter-Bunny-Silhouette4We are always looking for easy and economical crafts to do around the holidays.  This Easter Bunny Silhouette is pretty simple but looks elegant on a mantel or even to display on your child’s wall.  Once you draw and cut out your initial bunny shape, you could use it as a tracer for more!

Easter-Bunny-Silhouette3Materials Needed:

  • Ink (for tracing or drawing)
  • Cardstock or Scrapbooking Paper:  I prefer scrapbooking paper because it typically reverses to a different pattern.  You can easily change the look without much effort.
  • Scissors
  • Cottonballs or your desired decorations


  1. Draw or trace your desired bunny shape.  I was able to find an image and freehand it larger.  If you are doing this with a younger child, they will need help with this part.
  2. Cut out your bunny shape carefully.
  3. Finish with a cottonball tail or any other decorations of your choosing.  Use glue if you are only using one side but if you plan to reverse the bunny from time to time, attach the tail with a small piece of tape.  I did one set of these for our mantel and kept them simple with a tail however, my children decorated them with eyes and more color.  Anything goes!


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