Easy Ways To Speed Week Night Dinner Time

by Mackenzie on August 2, 2012


When I was working full-time I used to dread the “witching hour” each week day night. That time where you are getting home and nothing is made yet and the kids are cranky from being at school or daycare all day while you’re tired from working all day. That’s when I starting to make and freeze my meals on the weekends. However there are some nights where reheating a meal just doesn’t cut it and you want to serve a quick, healthy and hot meal to your family. That’s when mastering the art of easy-to-assemble meals is a great skill to have. Here are some examples:

Tacos. With a type of protein (try beans or rotisserie chicken), a tortilla, and some salsa, dinner is ready. Try these Oaxacan Tacos to add a twist.

Pizza. All you need for BBQ Chicken Pizza or Chicken Pesto Pizza is store bought crust (or our store sells ready-made dough in the refrigerated section of the deli), already shredded cheese, precooked chicken (or a rotisserie chicken), jarred BBQ or pesto sauce, and anything else you want to add.

Pasta. With cooked pasta, the possibilities are endless. Throw in leftover meat or any vegetable. Toss with jarred pasta sauce or a vinaigrette and here’s a recipe for Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes.

Source: Food On The Table

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