Frugal Kid Crafts: Pirate Treasure Box + More

by Mackenzie on July 2, 2012

Frugal-Kid-CraftsHere is a project that is not only great for pirate fans (like my girls) but makes great use of an empty diaper wipe container! Each week Sharon at Mom on Dealz brings you a kids craft that is fun, educational, and frugal and over the next week I will be showcasing past projects Sharon has created. I recommend checking out the Mom on Dealz Kid Corner for more ideas and projects!

Pirate Treasure BoxPirate Treasure Box



  1. Completely cover the box you are using with black construction paper, wrapping it so you can still open the box or drop items into the box hole.
  2. Cut out a letters to spell treasure box and a crossbones design from the white paper and glue to the box.
  3. Line the inside of the box with red felt or paper.
  4. Decorate the outside with gems, shells, tin foil shapes, or your desired decor.

Pirate Treasure Map


  • Paper Shopping Bag
  • Markers


  1. Rip/Tear a square out of the bag.
  2. Crumple up the bag and then lay flat.
  3. Create your map and directions to your treasure box!

Pirate Spy Glass


  • Paper towel holder
  • Plastic wrap
  • Markers


  1. Wrap plastic wrap around one end of the paper towel roll to create a “glass” effect.
  2. Color/decorate your spy glass to your preference.

Educational Activities:

  • Lanuguage Arts: 1. Participating in dramatic play is an important kindergarten skill so while your hunting for treasure or doing the crafts, have your child talk like a pirate! 2. Have your child use pictures or words to tell about the treasure hunt or about the steps to creating the crafts. 3. Read a pirate themed book to your child and have them ID pictures during the story and retell the story when you are done reading.
  • Social Studies/History: 1. Maps are a huge skill that your child will be working on for most of their school life so creating a map is great practice! Maps can be be as simple as pictures only to as elaborate as you want using elements such as compass rose, map keys, etc. 2. While creating your crafts, use directional words such as left, right, near, far, behind, in front of. These words will help build their vocabulary and understanding of positions.
  • Math: 1. Cut shapes out of tin foil to decorate the treasure box. You can discuss the different shapes with your child and you can also glue them in a pattern around the box and help your child identify the pattern.
  • Science: 1. On the map, use non-standard measurement to help your child find the treasure. You can write or say directions such as, move 5 hand lengths to the right or 10 bunny hops from the couch. 2. Put various “treasures” inside the box and have your child close their eyes and reach into the box grabbing items and telling about their properties without looking (smooth, hard, soft, rough). Then have your child open their eyes and discuss the properties using sense of sight (color, shape, etc).

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