Home Stories: Art Corner and Learning To Trust

by Mackenzie on May 17, 2014

Today I began a journey of trusting my girls (mostly the four-year old) with art supplies out in the open. For anyone that has been to my house they would find a pantry full of storage bins that contain all the supplies a child would need to get their creativity on…unfortunately it required asking Mommy for permission. The understanding of this is simple: My four-year old does not draw on paper. She draws on the walls, the table, the couch and oh yes even my computer! So this is a big step for me. However I have decided to allow my children to be a little more free with their creative juices in hope of having happier…and more agreeable children.

Luckily enough all of these materials were in our storage shed waiting for a possible yard sale or for just this moment so out of pocket costs were nothing except a little imagination.

First I created a little nook in the corner of their playroom between the couch and the entertainment center. Next I re-purposed the shoe hanger that used to be in our pantry (see here) and hung it on the door leading into the pantry. Luckily living in an old house means there are extra doors in each room so this door is always closed.IMG_0529Next I re-purposed two Closet-Maid 3-Shelf Organizers and two Sterilite Medium Baskets which fit perfectly in the shelving unit. Both these old items have been used everywhere in our house from a bedroom closet to the pantry and now in the playroom. Since the house is old and does not always have an overhead light fixture I used the shelving units as a table for a lamp and also a filing organizer where all of the girls’ coloring books would be stored. In the Sterilite baskets I placed all their educational workbooks and extra rolls of plain paper. Eventually I will purchase a paper towel holder to place the rolls of paper on for easier access.IMG_0528Using twine I had in my scrapbooking supplies and four thumbtacks I hung up two sets of art displays and used paper clips instead of clothes hangers (it was all about what we had on hand)IMG_0538Then using plastic cups the girls received from various parties I placed colored pencils and crayons out on their little table for them to have easy access. All extra coloring supplies are stored in the shoe organizer above.IMG_0531The girls could not wait to get started in their art corner and as they get older or show they will not draw on walls…or furniture…I will put more of their supplies out like watercolors, glue, pom-poms and more. After all, I want them to be able to use their imagination as much as possible!IMG_0533

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