How To Prepare Your Grill For This Summer

by Mackenzie on June 26, 2013

How-To-Prepare-Your-Grill-For-The-First-Time-This-SummerSummer has officially started which means Fourth of July, family get togethers and plenty of barbeques! Since you may not have used your grill all winter (especially those of us in the North) it is important that you employ good safety practices when preparing to grill food for the summer for the first time. These tips will help to ensure your safety as well as the safety of your family and friends.

Grill Check-Up
The first step is to give your grill a thorough look over. Make sure that your propane tank is not outdated and if it is, get it relined or even purchase a new tank. You could check the big box sporting goods supply stores to see if they have propane tanks in stock or even your local drug stores or gas stations often have them available.

Next open the lid and inspect the burners and any gas tubes to make sure they aren’t worn out or covered in rust from a long Winter. It’s vital that if any of the gas tubes have worn spots that you replace them to avoid any disasters. If the gas tubes are blocked you will need to clean them out in order to have them function properly.

In addition, be sure that the bottom of the grill has not rotted out while in storage. If the gas grill appears corroded it may be beneficial to replace it completely. If the gas grill seems to be visibly okay check the ignition knobs and other controls to make sure they are not damaged or non-functioning. Tighten anything that seems to appear to be loose.

Clean The Inside
Cleaning the grill for the first grill of the season will take a little time but will benefit you in the long run.

First, attach the propane tank and make sure that it is tightened properly. Open the gas tank and let the gas run for a couple of seconds to start the grill. Using a long handled barbecue lighter light the barbecue element. Once it is lit, close the barbecue, and allow the gas to heat the grill for a few minutes. Then turn off the gas. Take a steel barbecue brush and brush the hot grill vigorously to remove food debris that is on the grill. It is also important to clean the drip pan. This can be cleaned with a commercial oven cleaner or simple soap and water. If you use a commercial cleaning product allow it to sit for a few minutes in order for the chemicals to work on removing the grease. Take a piece of steel wool and scrub the drip pan to remove old grease buildup. Once it is clean let it dry and then put it back in its proper place.

Clean The Outside
It is important to not only clean the inside of the grill but to clean the outside as well. As part of the cleaning process make sure all debris and furniture are away from the grill in case it should become too hot. It’s also a good idea to move the grill away from the house to ensure a fire won’t break out. Take soap and water and give the outside a good scrub and if there is any rust visible use a wire brush to clean the area.

Once the grill has been thoroughly cleaned and dried you can safely start to grill for the summer. Your last step before grilling for the first time is to keep a fire extinguisher or large spray bottle with water near by in case you have any flare-ups. These are just a few tips on preparing your grill that will ensure a safe and fun start to your summer season of grilling. Enjoy!

Be sure to to check back again next week as this is the start of the mini-series Summer Grill Recipes! So turn off your stove and oven this summer and get outside and GRILL!

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Susan June 26, 2013 at 4:55 pm

We had a raccoon on my deck the other day and he was licking the outside of our grill. Does that count as external cleaning? 😉

Mackenzie June 26, 2013 at 4:57 pm

Hahahaha! I guess that’s like the dog licking the dinner plate? 😀

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