Mini Party Hats {Frugal Crafts}

by Jess on May 22, 2013


If you’re looking for an inexpensive and creative option at your next birthday party or Summer camp, mini party hats are a great option.  These economical and adorable little hats coordinate with a variety of themes including American Girl Doll parties, any stuffed animal parties (we recently had a Beanie Boo party) and more.  This encourages creativity and really gets the giggles going!  The end result?  More party guests!  We gave mini Beanie Boos as a favor instead of a bag of plastic items and each child got to decorate a party hat.  The guests loved it and I loved the fact that it was more frugal than the usual party loot!

Mini-Party-HatsMaterials needed:

  • Paper party hats made from poster board or scrapbooking paper.  You can find patterns on the internet or draw a wide triangle with a rounded bottom and tap together in a cone shape.  I did this freehand and although it took me a few times, I was able to great my own template without issue.
  • A variety of hat embellishments including tissue paper flower toppers, pom poms, stickers, crepe paper, markers, etc
  • Glue
  • Stapler
  • Rubber bands, cut into one string or ribbon


  1. Set your party station up so that the hats are accessible and you have enough for each guest.  It’s always good to make a couple extra hats
  2. Let each guest choose their hat and begin to decorate – anything goes!  It’s also a great idea to make one ahead of time to display so that they can get an idea of what they might want to do
  3. Once finished, help each guest either staple or glue a rubber band or ribbon onto the bottom of their hat to use as a chin strap
  4. Enjoy the party!

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