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by Mackenzie on February 24, 2015

the morning muse

It seems that as the kids get older the more busier we as a Family have become. Between dance lessons, soccer and softball practices and then everyday errands and special events we seem to be in a constant state of “hurry” and it is only getting more busy. Plus add to all these activities the fact our society has become more technology dependent there seems to be this disconnect between individuals. Next time you are at a restaurant, the playground or even on the bus…notice how many people are on tablets or smartphones instead of communicating with those around them. That is why our family has decided to make dedicated family time each week to help reconnect and become a stronger family unit. So if you are noticing the same thing happening with your family, here are some ideas on what might help you reconnect.

1. Pencil in Family Time

One of my favorite ways to pencil in family time is to set a certain family activity on a certain day of the week. This might sound silly but my kids LOVE our schedule of events each week. They know that “Wii Wednesdays” means we are playing fun games as a family on the Wii and we team up to try to beat the other family members. On “Friday Family Movie Night” we pick a movie, hopefully one we haven’t seen yet, and enjoy a homemade pizza that we made together and snack on homemade kettle popcorn. The kids look forward to this night every week and so do the adults! And with any family time it is extremely important to remember to turn off all computers, cellphones or TV (unless you are using the TV) so your focus is on your family.

2. Find Fun and Free Local Activities

Spending time as a family does not mean that you need to spend money. There are lots of free local activities that you can use to bond together as a family. Soon it will be March and that means  New Hampshire’s Maple Weekend where the Maple Sugar Houses in the state are open to the public for free sampling, demonstrations and of course maple syrup! This is a great way to spend an afternoon with the family learning something fun and experiencing some of the local businesses. For local New Hampshire events I recommend Seacoast Kids Calendar or simply doing a Google search for free family activities in your area.

3. Stop. Sit. Talk

One of my favorite memories as a child was sitting with my mother and brother at the kitchen table enjoying our dinner and just talking. We had a rule that at the table we could talk about anything as it was the only time my single mother was able to get both kids in one location and focus on our day. We shared many, many stories both happy and sad at this table and it honestly was one of the best memories I have of our family. That is why when we sit down at the table we encourage the girls to talk to us about anything. Their school day, what happened, what they want to do this coming weekend or anything they wish. By opening this communication it bonds us as a family and also allows for more communication for the tougher subjects which are sure to be here before we know it.

Family Time does not need to be grand or expensive. Sometimes the simplest things are what makes our family an united force and brings the best memories to live. The important thing to remember is that it is your family and to make the time fun for you. Don’t follow someone else’s guidelines but create a way that is uniquely yours on how to have fun and enjoy each other. After all, family is all we really need.

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Mackenzie is the mother of three beautiful little girls and the wife to a wonderful man who is a Navy Reservist and lives in New Hampshire. She enjoys bargain hunting, photography, and working outside! Above all, she enjoys family life and soaking up every moment. She shares her tips on parenting, saving money, green-living and more on her blog The Centsible Family.


brett April 4, 2013 at 9:17 am

i totally agree. we do family movie nights on fridays, too. it’s like a holiday to the kids. my husband and i have started doing a movie after the kids go to bed (by 8) for just us, too. i like wii wednesdays.

i feel weird when we’re at the grocery store because i do my list on my “notes” in my phone and i feel like people think i’m ignoring the kids. depending which kid it is i use that as a way for them to help- my littlest one helps recognize letters, my 5 year old practices reading and my oldest gets to hunt for specific items. we don’t do electronics at the table during meals.
i think we all should turn things off and go play outside each day, too!

Clayton Thomas April 4, 2013 at 9:47 am

Very nice article- simple and to the point. The penciling in of family time is so important because most everyone is so darn busy! Nice work!

Charlotte April 4, 2013 at 11:31 am

Totally agree! I think we live in a time of Go-Go-Go. Our family is always on the go too. Even if we’re at home with nothing planned, we still have tons to do. It’s important to sit down and make time for family-time! When we do eat at home we try to sit at the table as a family. We also do movie night at home. Wherever you can squeeze it in, do it!

Amee April 6, 2013 at 8:48 am

I schedule every saturday as family day

Dana April 6, 2013 at 9:23 am

Great post. We always try to make time to just sit and talk as a family. Dinnertime is great for this

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