Zaycon Fresh Chicken Event – $1.69/lb!

by Mackenzie on May 5, 2015

zaycon-horiz-png-500x182pxWAHOO! It’s that time of year again here in New England! It’s the Zaycon Fresh (used to be Zaycon Foods) Chicken Event throughout New England and many other states in May and June. Previously I worked with Zaycon Fresh on a review of their process and we LOVED their chicken. If you are not sure about using all 40 pounds, grab a friend and split the order as it’s the best value for all natural chicken. Interested in whether there is an event ear you? Head over to Zaycon Fresh and sign up for alerts in your area.

  • Chicken SeparatedZaycon chicken comes straight from the processor and has never been frozen.
  • Chicken is delivered in it original wholesale packaging. It contains 4 10lb bags of boneless skinless chicken breast. Total weight of 40lbs.
  • There will be small amounts of naturally occurring liquids in each bag.
  • Some fat trimming may be required
  • The chicken breasts are large, but they are 100% natural. There are no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients. they are large because they have not been trimmed up like you would see in the grocery stores. A double-lobed pair of chicken breast can weigh over 1lb.
  • The box the chicken comes in is about the size of an apple box

Don’t forget – if you don’t see one close to you, Zaycon has an option to “nominate” a new location so they may add it next time!


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